Day 13

I am at my favorite place.

Fort Bragg.

We got here in time to see the fog roll in. Trailing, dewy wisps that you can feel on your skin. There is something very energizing about the coast and the North Coast in particular. I like the type of beach where it feels a bit wild. Where you have to bundle up even in the summer. 

My sister L and I are beachcombers. I joke that we must come from a long line of gatherers who probably helped preserve our species during caveman times. We can sit for hours on end at Glass Beach creating small vignettes with bits of sea glass, eroded pieces of metal and small shells. It is the dreamiest way to spend time here. 

This is the place where I become most aware of my soul. Where the ether feels thinned enough that I sometimes have brief moments where I feel connected to the Universe. This is when creativity sparks and wellbeing expands. 


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