Day 9

Baby steps.

I read The War of Art last night. 

Stephen Pressfield is a genius. This is what he has to say in a nutshell.

1. We are all creative beings placed here on this earth to live out our soul's mission. To evolve, grow, use our given genius. 

2. Resistance will do everything it can to stop us from acheiving that. Resistance comes in all sorts of forms: procrastination, fear, over-indulgence to name a few of my favorites. These are ones that smack me down time and again. 

3. To overcome Resistance you must become a Professional. In this he means a Professional vs. the Amateur. The Amateur works her craft part-time, the Professional full-time. A Professional sits down and does the work.

4. To help us in our soul's journey we can and should call in the angels, our muses. Even though we are born with our own genius, the angels are there to help guide us.

So, what did I learn? 

Well, Resistance is kicking my butt right now. Time to turn Professional and do this thing. Resistance has been kicking my butt for a very long time now but I see it, I recognize it. So,  today I sat down and did the work. I think my muses were on my shoulder. I think the angels were giving me a little (or big) shove in the right direction, a sort of get-out-jail-free card.  I got lost for a few hours and it felt good. Really good. 

I started and that's the thing. But I feel Resistance starting to breathe down my neck again, just a Pressfield warns. The remedy? You show up tomorrow and you do it again. 

Time to put on my big girl pants.

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