Day 4

Slow going. 

Today was to be Planning Day. But it was not.

What has become painfully obvious to me is that I need a schedule. If I want to get things done and make things happen then I'm going to have to stick to some sort of schedule. It's easy to do things willy nilly and all over the place but it isn't very productive and I want to be productive. Planning day came and went without me really knowing what I actually did but certainly was clear what I did not.

So starting tomorrow there's a new schedule in place. A new sheriff's in town.

I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say, there will no longer be any willy nor nilly happening in these parts.

But to be kinder to myself, I also want to recognize that I'm here to find my joy and that is a process and I need to allow for some gentleness around that. I'll find my way. 

Note to self:

Be patient.

Be kind to oneself.

Stay positive.

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