The Mavis & Madge shop is all about the collection of happy and cheerful things, derived from many sources of inspiration but most importantly from the snapshot moments in life when you feel connected to those who are most important to you, when love and joy are present, and the world feels right. 

Most of the items I design and make are related to gift giving, celebrations, sharing joy and happiness and spreading good cheer. I believe these are some of the important things in life. 

Here are some of my sources of inspiration:

garlands strung across a mantle
a cozy bedroom on a rainy night
candlelit family dinners at a pretty table
a foggy day at the beach
hugs and giggles from cute little monsters
most anything from the 1930's & 40's
family celebrations and hallmarks
a beautifully wrapped gift
old black & white photos
receiving a parcel in the mail
WWII England
butterflies & flowers
botanical prints
nature field guides
twinkle lights
outdoor picnics on pretty blankets
vintage pottery
cozy cups of tea
reading books - anywhere & everywhere
movies like You've Got Mail, Somethings Got to Give & Practical Magic
music by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Django Reinhardt

If these things also speak to you then you are in the right place, my dear friend.

Many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about Mavis and Madge.

Feel free to send me a note with comments or questions. I'd love to hear from you!


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